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cynthia y cooper

exhibition photos
exhibit scenes give a sense of scale + how the work looks on display in real life
2023 The New Britain Museum of American Art FROM THE VAULT
2023 ArtMIX Invitational
2022 CT Women Artists National Exhibition
2022 Language of Color
2021 71st A-ONE Silvermine
2021 Greenwich Art Society
2020-2021 A Pattern Language
2020 Nor'easter New Britain Museum
2020 complementary
2020 immersion january 2020, just before Covid-19
2019 Abstraction: Three Points of View
2019 Intersections. Five Points Gallery
2017 Nor'Easter: New Britain Museum
2016 SOLOS EXHIBITION, Westport Arts Center/now MoCA Westport
2015-2016 New Britain Museum Directors Favorites
2013 Nor'easter New Britain Museum